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Exemplary in Medical Excellence

Our philosophy is to blend modern medical techniques with holistic concepts and to treat each patient in a personalized way, by promptly diagnosing and treating them, not only to cure them but also to prevent recurring illnesses.  

Primary Care, Geriatric Medicine, Behavioral Health, Women’s Health, Weight Loss & Aesthetics

Connecticut's Top-Rated, Patient-Focused Primary Care & Medical Spa

CMA Primary Care & Medspa was the dream of Dr. Satyarani Tallapureddy, who made it her mission to provide the community with cutting-edge medical and aesthetic care in a compassionate environment. Along with her highly-trained medical team, Dr. Tallapureddy aspires to provide complete care and help her patients make informed decisions about their medical treatment, no matter what procedures or medications they require. For this reason, CMA Primary Care & Medspa remains one of the leading medical and aesthetic care providers in Connecticut.

Our state-of-the-art medical spa offers the latest in cosmetic treatments, including laser therapy, body contouring, botox, dermal fillers, and anti-aging treatments. For patients seeking safe and effective weight loss, our highly trained medical team provides expertly-researched, non-invasive techniques to help patients reduce their weight and keep it off. We also offer preventive care services designed to improve obesity, such as metabolic syndrome screening and management, diet and behavior counseling, medical nutrition therapy, and more.

Our continuing mission is patient-focused care that emphasizes clinical safety, effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and compassion. Our staff personalizes every medical and aesthetic treatment according to the patient’s individual needs. We use only medical-grade, FDA compliant  products and machines, and non-invasive techniques for cosmetic reconstruction, aesthetics, facial and body sculpting. We do not over burden our patients with excessive use of medicines, therefore, we always carefully diagnose the problem first, and then proceed towards treatment procedures.

Our philosophy is to blend modern medical techniques with holistic concepts, treating each patient in a personalized manner that addresses the root cause of health issues, and prevents recurring illness. For the perfect synergy of beauty and health, look no further than CMA Primary Care & MedSpa.

Find The Best Primary Care Doctor in West Hartford CT and South Windsor CT

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Our Patients Love Us!

  • Dr.Tallapureddy and the staff are very efficient, helpful and supportive. They listen to you and your concerns and work with you to supply options for your care.

    Posted On June 4, 2021
  • Very good experience

    Posted On April 30, 2021
  • Great PCP! Very thorough, compassionate, calm spirit! Whenever someone tells me they need a doctor I quickly provide Dr. T's number. Everyone I have referred loves her too.

    Posted On March 11, 2021
  • Dr. Tallapureddy is thorough, compassionate and takes the time needed to hear her patients. I am a nurse and worked with Dr tallapureddy sometime ago in the hospital system and when I found she was opening her own practice I quickly chose to follow her as a patient. This decision came from how I...

    Posted On September 18, 2020