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Burst the myths: 3 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Laser Tattoo Removal

By January 21, 2020Blogs

If you are no longer in love with your tattoo as much as you were once, maybe it’s time to rethink about that ink on your arm. Well, you aren’t the only one in this club. Have the thoughts flooded your mind? How can you get this done? There are so many myths about the treatment there, is it safe? Hold on, it’s too soon to fret about it. By far, the laser is the best and the easiest way to get rid of your unwanted tattoos. Before you set out on this journey, there are a few important myths that need to be busted.

Remember myths are only associated with anything that’s been famous or too popular for long.

Myth # 1: Tattoo removal with laser is safe for everyone!

Lasers for tattoo removal can be painless, but that’s because the practitioner applies a numbing kind cream or gel on the area to be treated. For the larger or bigger tattoos, that are on a large area, the practitioner might give you lidocaine injections to make sure that you don’t feel the pain at all, but removing the smaller tattoos are as much painful as getting rid of larger tattoos.

Myth # 2: All types of tattoos are easy to remove

Not all kinds of tattoos are the same. Tattoos that are drawn with black ink are easier to remove as compare to vivid or bright colored tattoos. Tattoos with green and blue are more likely to cause pain because they are difficult to remove yellow, white, and purple inks are impossible to remove completely.

Myth #6: Your skin will have no reaction after tattoo removal if it didn’t react when you got it on

It is possible to have smooth healing when you get a tattoo on your skin but it is not necessary to have smooth healing or no reaction when it is taken off.


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