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Refresh your skin with Pico Genesis Treatment

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Do you want to look in the mirror and see a dull-looking, wilted and wearisome face? Let’s face it —you do not want to see yourself like that. But the consistent work pressure, daily routine hassles, lack of drinking water, and not keeping up with the skincare regime are inevitably taking a toll on your skin.

It’s time to be grateful to the ongoing advancements in the aesthetic’s industry that has time and again provided solutions for having clear, spotless skin and a brighter complexion. The new treatment in town, Pico Genesis, can help you easily lessen the appearance of brown spots, hyperpigmentation and other signs of ageing with just a few strokes.

Here’s how you the treatment work?

The Uniqueness of Pico Genesis treatment

Though the traditional laser treatments serve as a corrector for treating and addressing issues such as sunspots and hyperpigmentation, there are many other skin issues that can not be treated with regular laser therapy.

Higher-intensity of laser treatments that are the traditional laser treatments uses highly concentrated heat to address issues such as dark brown spots developed by intensive sun exposure.

Thanks to the Pico Genesis treatment, this treatment, unlike other treatments, do not use intensive heat and solely relies on ‘picosecond pulses’ making the laser strokes exude short bursts of energy and the entire process thoroughly painless to penetrate deep into the tiny follicles of your body.

The result is burst of collagen in your skin and a brighter looking, fresh face without any damage on the layers of your skin.

Is Pico Genesis treatment for me?

Either you want to revitalize your skin, bring back it’s freshness or provides a solution for your trouble areas, Pico Genesis treatment is one comprehensive treatment that will solve all your skin issues rapidly, gently, safely and effectively. This treatment is highly effective for people who are dealing with.

  • Sun exposure marks and age marks/spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dark brown spots and Freckles
  • Hyperpigmentation

No matter the skin type, Pico Genesis is an effective treatment to refresh your skin.

Burst the myths: 3 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Laser Tattoo Removal

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If you are no longer in love with your tattoo as much as you were once, maybe it’s time to rethink about that ink on your arm. Well, you aren’t the only one in this club. Have the thoughts flooded your mind? How can you get this done? There are so many myths about the treatment there, is it safe? Hold on, it’s too soon to fret about it. By far, the laser is the best and the easiest way to get rid of your unwanted tattoos. Before you set out on this journey, there are a few important myths that need to be busted.

Remember myths are only associated with anything that’s been famous or too popular for long.

Myth # 1: Tattoo removal with laser is safe for everyone!

Lasers for tattoo removal can be painless, but that’s because the practitioner applies a numbing kind cream or gel on the area to be treated. For the larger or bigger tattoos, that are on a large area, the practitioner might give you lidocaine injections to make sure that you don’t feel the pain at all, but removing the smaller tattoos are as much painful as getting rid of larger tattoos.

Myth # 2: All types of tattoos are easy to remove

Not all kinds of tattoos are the same. Tattoos that are drawn with black ink are easier to remove as compare to vivid or bright colored tattoos. Tattoos with green and blue are more likely to cause pain because they are difficult to remove yellow, white, and purple inks are impossible to remove completely.

Myth #6: Your skin will have no reaction after tattoo removal if it didn’t react when you got it on

It is possible to have smooth healing when you get a tattoo on your skin but it is not necessary to have smooth healing or no reaction when it is taken off.

Vitamin B12 injections: There’s something you need to know about who needs it

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Want to improve your brain functions and expedite the formation of red blood cells in your body? Do you know what can help you with that? It’s vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 a water-soluble vitamin, also known as cobalamin, is a vitamin that’s needed by our body but isn’t naturally produced by it. The vitamin is naturally found in animal products, and in certain foods also that serve as oral supplements and in the form of injections too. If you are considering to get a vitamin B12 injection, the below-mentioned deficiencies will tell you exactly do you need a shot or not.

Gastrointestinal Issues

If you have problems in your gastrointestinal tract, then a vitamin B12 shot is for you. People who have celiac and Crohn’s disease face problems in the release or absorption of vitamin B12. Individuals who undergo gastrointestinal surgeries, including the weight loss surgery too, are left with fewer cells to secrete stomach acids and as a result, their body struggle with the absorption of B12 vitamin.

For people struggling with B12 issues, having B-12 shots rather than opting for oral supplements is a good choice for them.

Older Adults

According to studies, the B12 deficiency is found more in adults who haven’t crossed 65 yet. They are affected by conditions that are linked with the decrease in the production of stomach acid, inflammation and growth of bacteria in the gut that uses B12.

For such people, meeting the deficiency with B12 shots is the best decision.

Vegetarians and vegans

Since the vitamin is mainly found in eggs, meat, and dairy products, vegetarians and vegans who do not consume proteins are most likely to have a B12 deficiency. A study shows that over half in 232 vegans, 7% in vegetarians, and only 1 in omnivores category were found deficient in vitamin B-12. These people may benefit greatly from B12 shots.

As vitamin B-12 is a chief vitamin of human composition, we need to make sure that our bodies don’t lose on it.

When to consider seeing a Geriatrician

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Have you crossed 65 and started to worry about your health? More often than not, as people cross 60, they start to fret-over seeing a geriatrician instead of considering a regular physician. As the health care requirements of older individuals tend to change and become complex with time, visiting a geriatrician could be a better option for them.

If that’s what you are looking for your loved one or yourself, then starting with the understanding of who a geriatrician can really help.

Who is a Geriatrician?

An internal medicine practitioner who has received formal training in treating elderly patients. They have the capability of diagnosing age-related health issues in the elders and treating their health conditions with care. Their job is to counsel senior citizens and help them manage their health issues that could show up in the near future.

Why someone over 65 years of age consider seeing a geriatrician?

Most of the time, age plays a pivotal role in attracting illnesses and diseases. This also increases the number of pills or drugs that we take in as we age, eventually increasing the chances of side effects. While many times, your family practitioner or a general physician can help you sort out that problem, there are times when only a knowledgeable specialist or an experienced individual can help you find the solution to your health issue.

A consultation session with a geriatrician can help the elder patients learn a great deal about their disease, identify the early symptoms of possible diseases and deal with several medical issues before they become severe. Issues such as arthritis, memory loss, or urinary infections can be dealt with way easily with the help of geriatricians. A feeble and frail elder who is having difficulty in managing their daily activities can also benefit from a geriatrician.

However, it is crucial to understand that not everybody over 65 years of age needs to consult a geriatrician. The entire situation is based on the complexity and severity of the health condition instead of the chronological age.

Geriatrics as a Profession

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So, you like helping the older adults and medicine is the career of your choice? How about building a career out of these two? Yes, the professional would be called Geriatrics. It is the healthcare facility centered around older adults particularly dedicated to provide them exclusive and high-quality health care services.

To know what this profession entails, let’s take a quick look at it’s pre-requisites.

Education/Degree required:

Students who are interested in medical school, it’s a pre-requisite for them to complete their four years of undergraduate study. After college, they will find many open options offering them allopathic programs in 4-years Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. After medical school, they can go on to involve in Residency practicing, which is usually in a hospital or clinic. Physicians who want to pursue geriatrics can opt for internal residency or family medicine. Upon completion, they may apply to a geriatrics fellowship program.

Learning and licensure:

Geriatrics, during their training sessions learn a great deal about the impact aging have on the bodies and minds of older adults. They learn about their mental and physical functions in detail.

Before allowing the geriatrics to practice medicine, all States require them to become licensed. The candidates are required to complete their training residency and their exams in order to get the license. In addition to that, certification focuses on testing and peer evaluation designed and directed by the experts in this specific area.

Geriatrics healthcare profession is vast and entails job roles such as doctor, physician, nurse, and pharmacists having inimitable skills for managing the health issues of older men and women.

Guide to beating hyperpigmentation

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Big brown patches, sun damage, or acne-spots – whatever the cause may be, the good news for all young ladies out there is that there are many options available than ever before, for getting rid of these pesky and irksome pigments.

Hyperpigmentation, a common skin condition in which your skin gets darken and experiences dark brown patches on cheeks, hands and other areas. Though the condition is harmless, it should not be taken non-seriously. It tends to take away the good looks of a person and looks aesthetically unappealing. In addition to all this, hyperpigmentation can sometimes mistakenly be taken as skin cancer because of the skin darkening, which is why any unusual dark patches occurring on the skin must be taken into consideration.

The best is to consult a dermatologist for the cure of hyperpigmentation. However, here we provide you with a small guide for beating hyperpigmentation.

Prescribed creams: Creams containing hydroquinone can be a cure for treating hyperpigmentation. Since it’s known for its skin lightening properties, you can ask your dermatologist to prescribe you an over-the-counter cream to treat hyperpigmentation.


To address issues such as pigmentation due to sun exposure and harsh and extreme UV exposure, dermabrasion is the best option to go for.

Laser treatment:

By far, the best treatment for hyperpigmentation is laser treatment. The laser technology has improved drastically curing age and dark spots as well as other forms of hyperpigmentation.

If you are looking to treat your hyperpigmentation, consider the above-mentioned methods to get the best results.

Wellness Checkup: Why is it important even if you feel fine?

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Like most of us, we visit a doctor only when we experience a problem. We do not bother to make an appointment in the nearest clinic for an annual health checkup. Though the easily accessible digital monitors are giving us fewer reasons to visit your doctor every year, there are many benefits to a yearly checkup.

Discovering your health problems timely increases your chance of ditching or combating the disease. Also, you are likely to have a cure on time. Let’s find out why you need a wellness checkup even if you feel perfectly well.

Timely diagnosis

Probably the first and foremost benefit of a regular health checkup is that you can have early detection of any illness or ailment before you run out of time to cure it. This increases your chance to treat or cure the ailment at an early stage.

One-third victims of heart stroke showed no sign or complained nothing before they got one and died within seconds.

Save Money

As they say ‘ prevention is better than cure’.

Early detection of your health problems means that you now have time to cure your illness. This gives you a chance to take a cheaper way out which is prevention. Taking precautionary measures before you get caught in a serious illness will not only save you great bucks of money but also spare you a great amount of pain and suffering.

Consider the example of a person having lung cancer. If the person had visited the doctor on time or gone for a regular checkup, he might have not suffered the pain of endless surgeries, chemotherapy, and other medical procedures.

So, for the longevity of your health, ensure to go for a regular checkup!

Laser and lights: How well do they treat Rosacea?

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Only those who suffer from Rosacea knows how their self-esteem gets a beat up every now and then. When there is a condition on your face flaring up like fire, that the entire world can witness, we know how painful it could be to hide for days until it is gone only to show up again.

A common condition that mainly affects a person’s face causes small red bumps on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. In many cases, this condition also tends to develop pus-filled pimples and tiny but solid bumps. For those who have been dealing with this condition, know exactly about the laser treatments available in the market to reduce or eliminate the effects of rosacea. But there’s more to the problem and its treatment, let’s find out.

The treatment is not the same

Since the signs of rosacea are different on the patients, the treatment is not the same as well. Usually, when dermatologist plans a rosacea’s patient treatment, they make it a friendly care plan with medication and tips. The plan is most likely to involve lights and laser if the symptoms include:

  1. Visible blood vessels
  2. Thickening of skin

Lasers come into play for both the above conditions, reducing the visibility of the blood vessels and reducing the thickening of the skin. The laser treatment reduces the redness and the appearance of the small tiny red bumps on the skin. Patients stated a 20% reduction in the redness after having laser sessions, while some also stated a considerable reduction.

How well does are the laser effects?  

Most patients stated a 50% to 75% drop in the visibility of the blood vessels just 2 weeks after the treatment. Also, some stated immediate results in skin thickening after the sessions, and the results last up to 3 to 5 years.

Continued research shows that as we continue to study more about the laser device, it can play a bigger role in completely eliminating the effects of rosacea on the skin.

What a Laser Genesis Treatment Feels Like

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Laser Genesis treatment is the latest kind of cosmetic laser procedure with far more benefits and far less pain. The reason is the mild spectrum this procedure falls in, which doesn’t entail sharp stings but rather a warm sensation compares to other laser procedures. To get the patient in a calm mood, the operation theater is not like that of other laser surgery facilities. The environment is made tranquil and comfortable to enhance the mood of the patient. First off, trained aestheticians clean the skin with soft natural solutions for examinations of dead skin buildup or excessive hair follicles from there accordingly derma planning or microdermabrasion Planning.

  • The derma planning session is basically a procedure to scrape the surface of the skin gently, which removes fine hairs known as peach fuzz.
  • Microdermabrasion procedure will renew overall skin texture and tone, giving the skin a fresh young look. It will clear off sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, and other skin related concern.

These procedures allow the laser to penetrate more deeply for better results. The laser genesis procedures involve a small device that is massaged gently over the skin for 30-minutes, which is actually quite enjoyable. The patient who has undergone the procedure compares it to taking a rejuvenating sunbath, which gently warms up the skin. In fact, the whole procedure is quite relaxing and can be compared to taking a facial massage. Laser genesis is scientifically proved to stimulate new collagen growth and can be used for many skin-related issues.

Many patients have reported extraordinary anti-aging benefits like tighter skin, better tone, and removal of blemishes and fine lines. It is always wise to consult a physician before any surgical procedure, but the laser genesis remains a gentle, soft, and reliable way of cosmetic enhancement.

Fat to Fit with Laser Fat Removal Procedure

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Traditional weight loss methods like exercise and diet can help you shed off fat, but stubborn fat will not go away so easily, which is why we have the option of laser technology to get rid of the bulges. Basically, there are different types of laser fat removal, invasive, and non-invasive.

Laser Liposuction

This is a minimally invasive procedure where canola inserted in the problem area through local anesthesia, which lasts for up to an hour. Bruising and tenderness are mild and go away in a couple of weeks. However, they can return if the diet is not improved.


This treatment basically liquefies fat cells from the body. The benefits of this procedure are that no or little care is required post-treatment. Six 40 minutes treatments are normal for optimal results and can work on chest, back, thighs, waist, hips, and bra line. A healthier lifestyle is non the less essential for long-lasting results. Three to four inches of circumferential difference is commonly reported.


Sculpsure is approved by FDA and targets fat cells by applying heat in 25-minutes treatment. It is not painful, and over a three-month fact, cells keep dying, giving you noticeable results in six-weeks.


This is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure where laser technology is not used but makes home laser fat removal devices much more effective.
While laser fat removal procedures remove pockets of fat, it should be known that no procedure will work, nor is a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet. A combination of treatments is also possible for an enhanced look, but it is important to discuss all your options with a certified dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon. Even with a successful laser procedure, serious thought on a healthy lifestyle, diet regime, and physical activity is always the permanent way to keep the fat off.