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Fat to Fit with Laser Fat Removal Procedure

By January 2, 2020Blogs

Traditional weight loss methods like exercise and diet can help you shed off fat, but stubborn fat will not go away so easily, which is why we have the option of laser technology to get rid of the bulges. Basically, there are different types of laser fat removal, invasive, and non-invasive.

Laser Liposuction

This is a minimally invasive procedure where canola inserted in the problem area through local anesthesia, which lasts for up to an hour. Bruising and tenderness are mild and go away in a couple of weeks. However, they can return if the diet is not improved.


This treatment basically liquefies fat cells from the body. The benefits of this procedure are that no or little care is required post-treatment. Six 40 minutes treatments are normal for optimal results and can work on chest, back, thighs, waist, hips, and bra line. A healthier lifestyle is non the less essential for long-lasting results. Three to four inches of circumferential difference is commonly reported.


Sculpsure is approved by FDA and targets fat cells by applying heat in 25-minutes treatment. It is not painful, and over a three-month fact, cells keep dying, giving you noticeable results in six-weeks.


This is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure where laser technology is not used but makes home laser fat removal devices much more effective.
While laser fat removal procedures remove pockets of fat, it should be known that no procedure will work, nor is a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet. A combination of treatments is also possible for an enhanced look, but it is important to discuss all your options with a certified dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon. Even with a successful laser procedure, serious thought on a healthy lifestyle, diet regime, and physical activity is always the permanent way to keep the fat off.


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