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Geriatrics as a Profession

By January 15, 2020Blogs

So, you like helping the older adults and medicine is the career of your choice? How about building a career out of these two? Yes, the professional would be called Geriatrics. It is the healthcare facility centered around older adults particularly dedicated to provide them exclusive and high-quality health care services.

To know what this profession entails, let’s take a quick look at it’s pre-requisites.

Education/Degree required:

Students who are interested in medical school, it’s a pre-requisite for them to complete their four years of undergraduate study. After college, they will find many open options offering them allopathic programs in 4-years Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. After medical school, they can go on to involve in Residency practicing, which is usually in a hospital or clinic. Physicians who want to pursue geriatrics can opt for internal residency or family medicine. Upon completion, they may apply to a geriatrics fellowship program.

Learning and licensure:

Geriatrics, during their training sessions learn a great deal about the impact aging have on the bodies and minds of older adults. They learn about their mental and physical functions in detail.

Before allowing the geriatrics to practice medicine, all States require them to become licensed. The candidates are required to complete their training residency and their exams in order to get the license. In addition to that, certification focuses on testing and peer evaluation designed and directed by the experts in this specific area.

Geriatrics healthcare profession is vast and entails job roles such as doctor, physician, nurse, and pharmacists having inimitable skills for managing the health issues of older men and women.


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