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Laser and lights: How well do they treat Rosacea?

By January 10, 2020Blogs

Only those who suffer from Rosacea knows how their self-esteem gets a beat up every now and then. When there is a condition on your face flaring up like fire, that the entire world can witness, we know how painful it could be to hide for days until it is gone only to show up again.

A common condition that mainly affects a person’s face causes small red bumps on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. In many cases, this condition also tends to develop pus-filled pimples and tiny but solid bumps. For those who have been dealing with this condition, know exactly about the laser treatments available in the market to reduce or eliminate the effects of rosacea. But there’s more to the problem and its treatment, let’s find out.

The treatment is not the same

Since the signs of rosacea are different on the patients, the treatment is not the same as well. Usually, when dermatologist plans a rosacea’s patient treatment, they make it a friendly care plan with medication and tips. The plan is most likely to involve lights and laser if the symptoms include:

  1. Visible blood vessels
  2. Thickening of skin

Lasers come into play for both the above conditions, reducing the visibility of the blood vessels and reducing the thickening of the skin. The laser treatment reduces the redness and the appearance of the small tiny red bumps on the skin. Patients stated a 20% reduction in the redness after having laser sessions, while some also stated a considerable reduction.

How well does are the laser effects?  

Most patients stated a 50% to 75% drop in the visibility of the blood vessels just 2 weeks after the treatment. Also, some stated immediate results in skin thickening after the sessions, and the results last up to 3 to 5 years.

Continued research shows that as we continue to study more about the laser device, it can play a bigger role in completely eliminating the effects of rosacea on the skin.


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