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If you have rosacea and you are looking for a treatment, CMA Primary Care & MedSpa is the right place for you. Many people often mistake this condition for acne in adults, but it is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs. People often realize that there may be a problem when they blush easily. You may notice that your cheeks become red quite often, even when you are not embarrassed or blushing for example. Typically, rosacea in its mild form will cause your cheeks to turn a light red, but as time goes on, the condition will progress into complete facial redness, enlarged blood vessels, and red bumps on the face. This skin disease will not disappear on its own and needs treatment to be managed or controlled. 

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Since rosacea can start mildly and progress as time goes on, you may or may not see all the symptoms, or you may mistake a symptom for something else. This is common, and if you think you have rosacea,  and you would like to discuss treatment options, contact CMA Primary Care & Medspa.


For patients with visible blood vessels (telangiectasia) laser treatment, which uses intense pulsed light, can be used to shrink them at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa. Although the procedure may cause some pain, most patients can tolerate it without the need for an anesthetic.
Laser treatment can sometimes cause bruising, crusting of the skin, swelling, tenderness, and, very rarely, infection. These complications will usually disappear within a few weeks.


A chemical peel can also be used to treat rosacea. This peel will remove all dead skin cells on the face and leave fresh new skin cells behind.

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It uses a gel that tightens blood vessels in the skin to get rid of some of your redness. Once the treatment area begins to heal, you will notice an immediate difference in your skin quality and appearance. The effects can last for years


Your consultant can help you identify the cause of your rosacea and work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Multiple body areas are treated simultaneously. Laser treatment can help you to reduce, control, or eliminate various signs and symptoms of rosacea.


There is no visible downtime after the procedure, and normal activity can be resumed immediately.
Results after no ablative laser resurfacing tend to be gradual and progressive, rather than immediate and dramatic. You’re more likely to notice improvements in skin texture and pigment than in wrinkles.
After laser treatment, avoid unprotected sun exposure for one year to prevent irregular pigmentation


Rosacea is often confused with acne; however, they are two distinct skin conditions.  Rosacea is redness in the cheeks, forehead, chin, or nose caused by enlarged blood vessels. There are four distinct types of rosacea. The first is characterized by redness on the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Patients who suffer from type two rosacea experience persistent redness as well as bumps and pimple-like pustules are treated carefully at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa. Diagnosis of type three rosacea is based solely on the enlargement of the flesh on the nose, while type four rosacea is characterized by eye irritation.

The exact root cause of rosacea is unknown though many theories are surrounding its source. The redness associated with rosacea is produced by over-dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Various triggers can cause the skin to flush but are dependent on each patient’s individual case.

As stated before, rosacea flare-ups are different for each person. Some of the most common triggers include both lifestyle factors like emotional stress or environmental factors such as sun exposure, hot or cold weather, strong wind, certain skin care products, spicy food, alcoholic beverages, heavy exercise, hot beverages, hot baths or anything that causes heavy sweating. What may cause a flare-up in one person with rosacea may have no effect on another, which is why it’s important to know your triggers and avoid them if possible.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition as opposed to a short-term condition and is characterized by flare-ups and remissions. Patients who receive medical or laser therapy can diminish the recurrence of symptoms.

Because there is no known cause of rosacea, there is no cure available.  However, certain laser treatments at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa can reduce the appearance of redness associated with rosacea by targeting the blood vessels that dilate to cause a flushed appearance.  Heat from the laser causes the blood vessels to disintegrate and be eliminated by the immune system.

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