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For Clearer, More Radiant Skin

Who Doesn’t Wish For A Spotless, Brighter And Radiant Skin?

Do you think having a glowing and smooth skin is no more than just an unreachable dream? Well not anymore! Your skin is the top most protection that enhances your personality. If you want to pamper your skin with the ever-changing skincare needs that vary from day to day due to the constant change in weather condition and exposure to the sunlight.  Here is the solution! PicoGenesis treatment offered by CMA Primary Care & MedSpa is your solution for unclear and uneven skin tone.

We often hear from our patients at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa that they feel self-conscious about irregular skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Some even say they feel unable to “leave the house without makeup.” But now is the time to love your skin just as it is.

It’s time to stop hiding acne scars, sun damage, and blotchy skin with layers of makeup. You can achieve the complexion you want with PicoGenesis. Always at the forefront of technology, CMA Primary Care & MedSpa is determined to lead the technology; therefore it offers amazing deals of the Cutera Enlighten Laser and offers Pico Genesis.

Free yourself from the need to use concealers, foundations, and powders just to look radiant; with the Pico Genesis, your skin will naturally appear dewy, freshand glowing. The Pico Genesis treatment is effective for eliminating irregular pigment, sometimes referred to as “brown spots”, “age spots” or “sun spots” on the hands and face, but it can also be used on other parts of the body. This 2 in 1 laser procedure at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa will return balance, clarity, and radiance to your skin—with no cuts, sutures, or recovery required. With Pico Genesis, you can finally feel comfortable in your own skin.


The Cutera Enlighten laser is a powerful device for eliminating unwanted freckles, sun spots, fine lines, and age spots, while also stimulating new collagen production. As a non-ablative treatment, the Pico Genesis treatment can accomplish this skin rejuvenation without wounding or harming the skin, so the treatment is as comfortable and safe as possible. With just a series of simple treatments that take less than 30 minutes to perform, our patients at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa can look forward to brighter, younger, clearer, and more evenly toned skin.
While other lasers and light treatments have been known to make Melasma worse, Pico Genesis has been proven to be an effective treatment for hyperpigmentation and Melasma.

  • It takes 30 minutes or less to treat the full face
  • No downtime; No activity restrictions
  • No numbing agent required treatments are painless
  • All skin types can be treated
  • An effective solution for Melasma, an otherwise difficult to treat a skin condition

Spotless and brignter skin after treatment

Brighter Skin Complexion

Picture Difference


As PICO Genesis™ is effective on all skin types, virtually everyone can benefit from the laser skin resurfacing procedure. Anybody who undergoes excessive sunburn can experience notable results after the procedure.


It helps in treating all skin types with an increase in the number of treatments to achieve the desired results. It varies from person to person. Patient & treatment versatility. Customized treatment protocols.


Typically, only 1 treatment is needed. Maximum results are visible after 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire. The treatment has minimal discomfort. It is safer to undergo PICO Genesis. There is no visible downtime after the procedure, and normal activity can be resumed immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is PICO Genesis?

PICO Genesis is the latest aesthetic treatment that Dr Tallapureddy has introduced at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa to improve the appearance of unwanted freckles, sun spots and age spots – gently, predictably and quickly. PICO Genesis treatments will make your skin appear lighter, brighter, and with two or more sittings depending on the skin type and needs.PICO GENESIS in our clinic is currently being utilized to treat and address patients concern regarding:

  • Age Spots
  • Sun Damage
  • Pigments (Melasma & Hyperpigmentation)
  • Brighter/Radiant Complexion
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Return Skin To Its Youthful State
  • Reveal natural beauty

How does the Enlighten PICO Genesis Laser Treatment work? 

PICO Genesis™ is the laser treatment at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa that poses uniqueness due to its non-thermal, photo-mechanical laser energy to shatter the pigmented cells while protecting the surrounding tissue, in energy and wavelengths that no other laser can do. It’s the safest, most effective treatment for melasma and skin rejuvenation combined.

What is Melanin?

Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for defining the tone of our skin. Brown patches and other problems with pigmentation are usually the reason behind the development of a problem due to excess of melanin production. For example, sun spots are the result of UV exposure causing our pigment-making cells (melanocytes) to create too much pigment- this is actually a defense mechanism against the offending UV radiation! It is meant to protect the skin, but the result is often unwanted pigment deposition that can be very tough to get rid of.

Melanin can also be produced as an unwanted side effect from inflammation, such as acne. We call these brown spots “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation” or PIH for short. This too is unwanted melanin deposition in the skin. Therefore, we use a treatment plan at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa for reducing the unwanted melanin content deposited inside the body.

What is Melasma?

Melasma, also called ‘chloasma’, is a common skin condition of adults in which light to dark brown or greyish pigmentation develops mainly on the face. The name comes from melas, the Greek word for black. Although it can equally affect all genders, it is more common in women and people with darker skin-types who live in sunny climates. Melasma usually becomes more noticeable in the summer and improves during the winter months. It is not an infection, neither contagious, nor a result of an allergy. Also, it is not cancerous and will not change to skin cancer. The exact cause is not known, but several factors contribute. These include pregnancy, hormonal drugs such as the contraceptive pill, and very occasionally medical conditions affecting hormone levels. Some cosmetics, especially those containing perfume, can bring on melasma. Research reveals that it can be triggered by stress. Sunshine and the use of sunbeds usually worsen any tendency to melasma. Melasma can run in families, suggesting an inherited tendency.

Since Melasma is worsened by UV radiation and even by heat, some light or heat-based treatments can actually make it worse. Fortunately, Pico Genesis at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa offers a unique photomechanical mechanism that helps to treat Melasma effectively and safely.

Does PICO Genesis work on wrinkles and fine lines?

Seeing the dire need of skin care treatments Dr Tallapureddy at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa has introduced various skin treatments and PicoGenesis is one of the most effective and result oriented treatments. Pico Genesis offers a powerful treatment against fine lines and wrinkles. It stimulates the production of collagen, one of the proteins in our skin that’s responsible for keeping the skin firm and elastic. By stimulating collagen production, Pico Genesis starts with the process of tightening and firming that gives our skin a more refreshing and young look.

Does PICO Genesis hurt?

The PICO Genesis™ laser treatment feels like a really quick tiny rubber band snap. However, we at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa do not use numbing cream, and our patients have a better experience without it. It is tolerated well.

Is there any downtime with the PICO Genesis Laser?

Our patients at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa have not complained regarding any downtime they may have experienced after undergoing Pico Genesis. However, it is possible to have slight swelling or light flaking in some more aggressive cases.

Is the Enlighten PICO Genesis laser treatment right for me?

If you have ever had stubborn melasma, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and tried everything to fix it without results, then PICO Genesis™ laser is a good treatment option for you. Also, if you can’t have interruption, this is one of the only effective and proven treatments done and tested at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa that provide effective outcomes without disturbing your lifestyle.

How many PICO Genesis laser treatments do I need?

A series of two to three PICO Genesis treatments are recommended to achieve an optimal outcome, and ongoing maintenance treatments are encouraged to sustain results over time. Your PICO Genesis consultant at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa will discuss a treatment plan during your consultation.

How fast will I see results from the PICO Genesis?

You will start experiencing more results after two to three sittings at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa. Dermal melasma may take slightly longer.

What areas can be treated?

PICO Genesis treatments are ideal for the face, hands and other areas of the body with noticeable signs of sun damage and excess pigmentation. For further queries you can contact Dr Tallapureddy at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa.

What can I expect during a PICO Genesis treatment and what does it feel like?

Before the treatment begins at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa, the consultant will clean the area under focus. You will feel the tip of the laser device touch your skin. As the laser energy is applied, you’ll feel a sensation that patients often compare to an electric rain sensation. Most patients do not find the treatment uncomfortable, but if you do, your treatment provider may apply a topical anesthetic. Immediately after treatment, you may apply cold air or an ice pack for a short time. You should keep the treated area out of the sun and/or apply sunscreen for protection. Your PICO Genesis provider may recommend additional follow-up care.

What are the possible side effects?

Most patients experience mild redness and swelling immediately following the treatment at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa. These side effects are temporary and typically resolve in several hours. Over the course of a few days, the treated sunspots and freckles will become darker and flake off as they heal, revealing a new, even complexion.