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Primary Care - West Hartford, CT and South Windsor, CT

The term primary care is used to describe the first contact a person has with the health system when they have a health problem or issue that is not an emergency. The staff at CMA Primary Care & Medspa provides high quality health care services. Our staff at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa undertake daily tasks of caring for patients. The satisfaction of our patients is our priority. We aim to make sure that all patients across our system are safe. We listen to understand and tailor your health care to fit your needs.

CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center primary care staff is dedicated to providing compassionate health care to patients throughout their life, ensuring services which are efficient and responsive to every patient’s individual needs. In our practice, we strive to achieve high standards of physical and mental health care and work closely with patients to help them achieve an optimum quality of life.

Preventive Services

Preventive services comprises healthcare services that include  Annual check-ups, patient counseling, and screenings to prevent illness, disease and other health-related problems.

CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center Preventive services are intended to help people remain healthy and to detect any health-related problems early while there is a better chance of recovery. There are many methods for the prevention of disease and with our help, you get all of them.

At CMA Primary Care & MedSpa, Dr. Tallapureddy works to help patients get the most comprehensive preventive care as a precautionary measure against health issues, injuries, and other medical conditions. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and it is much easier to stop a disease from occurring than it is to treat it. Our up-to-date preventive services involve immunizations and screenings that give our patients a chance to make lifestyle changes or undergo early-onset therapy.

Periodic and Annual Health Assessment

We at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa recommend our valued patients have annual and periodic health assessments. This is essential because, with a comprehensive health care check-up, we can diagnose disease in its early stages and take appropriate treatment. Our physical methods of diagnostics include blood tests, immunizations, and preventive services.

Medication Management

Medication management is a set of practices to prevent multiple chronic conditions from happening. Here, we provide a guide that features tips and services, as well as an introduction to how your CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center can help you or your loved one stay safe.

Proper medical management is imperative to avoid readmission into the hospital. Therefore, CMA Primary Care & MedSpa’s dedicated medical team focuses on improving the use of personalized medications for a patient’s condition, making sure that the patient understands the purpose of the prescriptions and takes them in the appropriate doses. Additionally, we also provide family education on medications, medication reconciliation, and medication therapy management.

CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center medication management services combine compassionate care with best-practice approaches followed by some of the nation’s most well-respected organizations. Take an in-depth look at what we offer: At CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center, we treat each client as a person, not a condition.

Acute and Chronic Care

If you are sick and need to be seen quickly, CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center offers same-day or next-day care for acute and chronic problems based on the severity of symptoms. If you are unsure whether you need to be seen, our knowledgeable staff will listen to your symptoms and help to make the best decision regarding your care.  

Our chronic medical care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Asthma

Our acute medical care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Cough and flu
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fever
  • Gastric discomfort

We provide same-day services for patients with acute and chronic medical problems. Our experienced staff at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center provides pain management, symptomatic management, and emergency services that incorporate current medical science, clinical experience, and compassionate care.

Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety, in a nutshell, is a feeling of fear, worry, and unease. Naturally, it has to do with both physical and emotional sensations which are experienced when one is nervous and worried. 

When one gets challenged by anxiety, there is a high chance that the person’s behavior, as well as feelings, can get out of place, control and balance. Anxiety and stress have a crippling effect on different individuals and may impede with different areas of one's day to day life which includes relationships and job performance. 

Depression, unlike feeling sad affects your life daily, it makes it very difficult for you to find enjoyment in your daily activities. At times you might also find getting out of bed impossible, while at other times, going about your normal day, tasks will seem impossible.

We at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center focus on offering treatment that fights off the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Our treatments involve counseling on treatment options including medication therapy and referral to  psychotherapy.

Adult Immunizations

At CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center we suggest that immunizations are not just important for children. Childhood vaccines wear off over time and adults may become vulnerable to preventable diseases due to age, lifestyle, travel, or health conditions. We offer a comprehensive package of adult immunization, including flu vaccines, which is essential for older adults, pregnant women, and people with chronic health conditions. CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center wants to become your partners in healthcare. We provide consistent care to help deal with health difficulties and maintain wellness.

Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric medicine is concerned with all aspects of health and illness in older adults, across a range of care settings. It is the medical specialty that involves intellectually stimulating work, frequent multidisciplinary collaboration, and the potential to make an enormous impact on the lives of older people.

We at CMA Primary Care & MedSpa treat a wide variety of general medical conditions, but also possess the skills that are needed to diagnose and manage conditions in patients with multiple comorbidities and in those living with frailty, a syndrome characterized by low physiological reserve.

At CMA Primary Care & MedSpa Center, we offer treatment for patients of all ages, including senior citizens. Dr. Tallapureddy focuses on improving health by preventing and treating injuries, disabilities, and diseases in elderly patients.