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When to consider seeing a Geriatrician

By January 15, 2020Blogs

Have you crossed 65 and started to worry about your health? More often than not, as people cross 60, they start to fret-over seeing a geriatrician instead of considering a regular physician. As the health care requirements of older individuals tend to change and become complex with time, visiting a geriatrician could be a better option for them.

If that’s what you are looking for your loved one or yourself, then starting with the understanding of who a geriatrician can really help.

Who is a Geriatrician?

An internal medicine practitioner who has received formal training in treating elderly patients. They have the capability of diagnosing age-related health issues in the elders and treating their health conditions with care. Their job is to counsel senior citizens and help them manage their health issues that could show up in the near future.

Why someone over 65 years of age consider seeing a geriatrician?

Most of the time, age plays a pivotal role in attracting illnesses and diseases. This also increases the number of pills or drugs that we take in as we age, eventually increasing the chances of side effects. While many times, your family practitioner or a general physician can help you sort out that problem, there are times when only a knowledgeable specialist or an experienced individual can help you find the solution to your health issue.

A consultation session with a geriatrician can help the elder patients learn a great deal about their disease, identify the early symptoms of possible diseases and deal with several medical issues before they become severe. Issues such as arthritis, memory loss, or urinary infections can be dealt with way easily with the help of geriatricians. A feeble and frail elder who is having difficulty in managing their daily activities can also benefit from a geriatrician.

However, it is crucial to understand that not everybody over 65 years of age needs to consult a geriatrician. The entire situation is based on the complexity and severity of the health condition instead of the chronological age.


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